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Whatever your level, your equipment, Fotobuzz offers a wide range of activities for you to exercise your eye, develop your skills and also learn to have a better control of your camera.




Anne-Catherine, Pantchika & Valerie

The French TV Network TF1 followed our latest Photo Walk at St Paul

The French TV Network TF1 followed our latest Photo Walk at St Paul

Who Are We?


For the past six years, our team have animated Photo Walks, workshop and camps in London. This year, we are starting our activity in Cyprus. Join us and share our passion for photography.

Valerie Sieyes, inspired by her experience both in photography and training, has decided to share her passion and to help you develop your technical knowledge. Valerie is a freelance photographer specializing in children portraiture. www.valeriesieyes.com

Anne-Catherine Codsi, passionate about photography, chose, some years ago, to make a career through training and photography. She is also our specialist in "Travel" and "Street Life" photography.


Panchika Bur, Initially trained as an Interior Designer and passionate about art and photography, Pantchika graduated from the University of Westminster with a BA in Photographic Arts in 2012. Since graduating she has been working as a professional freelance photographer on commercial commissions and personal projects. www.pantchikabur.com