How to register?


Select the activity you would like to book and click "ADD TO SHOPPING CART". When you have finished your selection, you will find the summary of your order in the "SHOPPING BASKET" (top right of the screen).

Who can participate?


The photowalks are aimed at everyone and every level, as long as you come with a camera. For camps, please refer to the details described on page "Children / Teen Camps"

Where the Photo walks, Workshops and Camps take place?

Most sessions are scheduled in London but we also offer excursions outside of London from the month of May onwards. Our workshops and courses take place partly indoors (briefing and review of your photos) and outdoor for hands-on and practical exercises.

What happens in case of bad weather?


In case of bad weather, we reserve the right to postpone or cancel the photowalk/workshop. We will always notify you of any change in advance, usually the night before our session.

What equipment to use?


For the photowalk, you can use any type of camera (phone, compact, bridge, hybrid SLR). But for the workshops and the camps, it is recommended to come with a camera such as compact, bridge or SLR. Additional equipment may also be required: specific lens, tripod, flash ...

How to pay?


You can pay either by check or by bank transfer or by card directly on our website via PayPal.

Following your payment, you will receive an email confirming your booking. The week before the photowalk, the workshop or the camp, we will send you an email, specifying all the practical informations (meeting point and time, map, what to bring ...).

The registration to a session will be complete once the payment is received.

How to offer a "GIFT"?


We recommend that you complete a normal booking procedure in your name,the earliest is the better and request by email a GIFT Certificate ( with the name and details of the person attending the training). We will in return send you a "Voucher" that you will be able to print and give to the person of your choice.


How to postpone or cancel a course?

Postponement or cancellation must be submitted no later than 15 days before the session otherwise registration will not be refunded.