We offer a range of workshops from introductory principles to more advanced skills. They will help you to improve your techniques. They are articulated as follows:


- Presentation of the objectives and discussion around chosen examples.

- Hands-on excercises in town during which you are guided and assisted by professional photographers.

- Review and analysis of your images.


Learn to master your camera:

  • Technical Basics: understand the basic rules of photography,


Learn and/or improve your photographic skills:

  • Composition: Understand the rules of composition and get more impact with your images

  • Capturing the Movement: Control how an object could be photographed either frozen, in motion or blurred

  • Controlling the Depth of Field: Understanding how to play with the sharpness or blurriness of your images


Develop a specific technique: Black & White Photography, Portrait, Night Photography, Studio Portraits, Architecture Photography, or even Photographing Children.

Or, learn more aspects of post-production: Organising your files / Archiving / Creating Albums, Initiation to Lightroom or Photoshop Elements.

More details of each workshop will appear when you click on them.